Is your neck pain related to your headaches?

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What is Kinesiology?

The basic idea of Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) is that the body system has natural recovery energy and is performing its very best to look after...
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The Hidden Causes Of Your Back Pain

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Natural Treatment for Insomnia

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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage consists of a precise manipulation of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, blood vessels in order to relief body tension and...
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I am glad to see YOU here 🙂

I know, it is so easy to forget to care about our health and wellbeing. Life is just so busy that when we notice, our mind and body can be a bit depleted and under stress. I know how it is like. Been there. Done that.

You are on the right place….

I am here to help you bridge where you are now to all the possibilities that you can create in your life, just by accessing and igniting the wisdom of your own body. In a holistic way, we will align the physical with the energetic, connect mind & body and balance emotions to serve your goals and desires!

The perfect combo of Remedial Massage & Kinesiology

Remedial Massage ensures that stagnation gets released from the body and that you feel good in your own skin.
Holistic Kinesiology ensures that the organs and hormones are functioning optimally, connecting all body systems with the brain.

Massage Therapy and Kinesiology gives you an upgrade on your wellbeing naturallly. It is a beautiful journey of knowing yourself and your body.

Kinesiology helps with:

  • Stress related symptoms (insomnia, fatigue, headache, migraine,…)
  • Chronic pain (back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain,..)
  • Chronic and DIgestive conditions (Hormonal imbalances, IBS, refluc, bloating, constipation,…)
  • Inflammatory and auto-immune conditions (Hashimoto’s, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,…)
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Past traumas
  • Difficult emotions (grief, anger, resentment, excessive worry)
  • Self-sabotage, addictions, weight-loss

Kinesiology ~ Calm the Mind

Coaching ~ Balance & Meaning

Remedial Massage ~ Love your body

What if it was possible to stop building up unnecessary stress?

Why to postpone our happiness? False assumptions are made in fear.

Besides having your muscles totally released, also learn how to…

  • keep your cool when someone annoys or hurts you
  • react to stress with intelligence
  • boost your energy, not only with coffee
  • motivate yourself

Your choices matter.

Happy Customers.

Camila has helped and guided me through a difficult period of trauma with my knee. Without her expertise and care I would never have achieved my fitness goals as I have. Her skills are impressive!

Luke Jones

Lawyer - Sydney

It is rare to find a therapist who is connected and present with her client – from there the magic happens. Thank you Camila, I feel at peace with myself and much joy.

Lynn Taylor

Artist - Darwin

Camila is great, accurate, supportive and her Kinesiology treatments are really powerful. I feel much calmer and more in control of my thoughts and emotions. It’s an experience everyone should have!

Judy Last

Pharmacist - Sydney

Why To Choose Camila?


Everyone is unique. Camila will tailor the treatment to your specific needs. She will discuss your treatment plan on your first visit. An arsenal of techniques will be used in each session to correct posture, balance organs, hormones and the nervous system.


Camila is fully accredited Remedial Massage Therapist and Holistic Kinesiologist. Her extensive skills also include NLP, Chinese acupuncture system, acupressure and much more.



Camila offers Remedial Massage and Kinesiology sessions for chronic pain at Back to Basics Kogarah and Back to Basics Bexley.
Both clinic spaces are central to all St. George area and Sutherland Shire, with clients coming mostly from surrounding areas Rockdale, Hurstville, Carlton, Carss Park, Allawah, Arncliff, Beverley Park, Blakehurst, Mortdale, Ramsgate, Brighton Le Sands, Sans Souci, Miranda and Cronulla.

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Camila Gayatri

Mind-body specialist. Stress related and chronic conditions. Dissolve career and relationships stress from your Mind & Body.


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